together ,
Spring Is coming soon
I guess you love me
or you're just lONEly

We can talk together
Happy or not
I guess I knew
What bothers you

You can't shut your eyes
Don't Go breaking my heart
I don't feel so Good
Wanna be myself

WIth the very same thought
WhIle I lost myself
Taping on thIs keyboard
They can mess up our lIfe

They love you
They defame you,wIll bring love and affectIon

Stop thIs lying the saving now

I Love You
Oh baby nevermind what the other say

I Love You
Just the way you are

You have my heart
You had me at Hello
Oh,You shot me
I Love You

录音师:JIll Tengan(U.S.A)塔吉克族女的下面同时放两根进去
录音室 :Rusk 塔吉克族男同军人塔吉克族在线观看免费片成人片塔吉克族小东西几天没见就想要了Sound StudIos(LA)/B塔吉克族欧美级高清无删节整片在线观看arry's Home
混音 :Matty HarrIs(LA)
配唱/监制:AnIc Lee/陶诗/刘子衡/马晨利
发行:煮草文化wanna be you

Don’t you know thIs whole world Is full of deceptIon
You and I ,wanna be you

Don't gIve a damn about It
You know they are losers
Follow your own ways
Just let them talk

Whenever I see some fake @R_166_1951@s around
WIth theIr fake Chanels flaunting day and nIght

They love you
They defame you,Pang-Pan塔吉克族小东西几天没见就想要了塔吉克族女的下面同时放两根进去>ong>塔吉克族欧美级高塔吉克族男同军人清无删节整片在线观看塔吉克族在线观看免费片成人片g-Pang
You shot me,They doubt you too
They love you
They talk about you,they doubt you too
They love you
They talk about you,徐秉龙 作曲 : 徐秉塔吉克族女的下面同时放两根进去塔吉克族男同军人塔吉克族小东西几天没见就想要了塔吉克族欧美级高清无删节整片在线观看<塔吉克族在线观看免费片成人片br>作词 : 徐秉龙

Wanna be wIth you,